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First for Woman Car Insurance

First for woman is one of the newest car insurance companies in South Africa and they have surely made a huge impression under consumers in South Africa and more specifically women. They offer a variety of products, but focussing more on car insurance, they offer comprehensive cover as well as third party and theft.

First for Woman Car Insurance products are specifically focussed on women and with this niche market, they are able to offer amazing deals for women, that other companies aren't able to do. They offer their customer care line throughout the website and this enable woman to easily contact them to discuss their needs and also have an online quote option on their website, for user wanting to get an instant quote from them, without having to hone into the call centre.

In terms of vehicle cover, they also offer motorcycle insurance as well as off-road and caravan insurance, which gives users a broad spectrum of options available to look at.

There are a number of great benefits included if you do decide to sign up with the comprehensive car insurance policy and these include travel benefits, home and lifestyle as well as medical, so we urge you to visit their website to find out more about this and if need be, do contact them to discuss this in greater detail.

They also have a call me back option and the option to share their page on social media like Facebook, twitter etc. They have a very hip and happening website and we can only recommend them to all ladies if you are looking at car insurance.

First for woman is one of the most innovative car insurance companies in South Africa and we will continue to follow them closely in the coming months and keep you updated on all the latest promotions and news from their corner.

Two insurance products that we will be looking at in closer detail in the coming months will be watercraft cover as well as the Better car value options.

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First for Woman Car Insurance