When looking at car insurance companies in South Africa, you do need to look at all the various types of companies currently operating within our borders and what products they offer.First of all we are going to be looking at a few of the newer companies in South Africa and the first one that comes to mind id King Price.

They are very new to the market and have seen them compete very hard for a market share and mange to find a nice chunk through their innovative policy that states your car insurance decreased every month as your car’s value decrease. Be sure to read more about them on our website.

Then we have certain companies that only focus on specific language groups, for example Virseker versekering and they only cater for the Afrikaans market.

Other insurance companies like First for women car insurance focus purely on women again as the main target base and currently we have an array of companies that do offer this service and our best advice is to read through he reviews on our website, to determine exactly what company will suit your needs and will be able to assist you with your car insurance.

Herewith a list of the best car insurance companies in South Africa, that we feel offer the best service and products in the market to date.