Car Insurance Brokers

Over the years we have requested car insurance quotes ourselves from various insurance companies and also used brokers to conduct the process for us and today we are going to be sharing with you what we discovered and what process we believe to the best option to get the best car insurance deal.

We have tried both options and with the current standings in South Africa, we do various car insurance options available to us. First of all we can use brokers to request car insurance quotes for us, but then they only request from certain companies, since other companies do not allow brokers to use their services, since they cut out the middleman to keep their prices as low as possible.

This basically leaves you with 2 options. The first being to make use of car insurance brokers to request and manage your car insurance for you, thus giving you the peace of mind that if anything happens, you can just call them to handle the claim process on your behalf. Some people do prefer this service and the monthly fee do not really matter to them.

The second option is more for the consumer who prefer to handle car insurance themselves and basically try and save as much money as possible. These consumers generally do request quotes themselves and handle the claim process as well as well and generally make use more of insurance companies that only work with consumers’ directly and not insurance brokers.

It doesn’t really matter what option you prefer and both options have pros and cons and it all depends on what your preferences are in terms of car insurance.

Brokers offer great service and get you the best possible quotes from the companies they work with, while working directly with other insurance companies can help you save on your monthly instalment. This is not always the case and we recommend that you do try both options, to see what the various companies offer in terms of insurance cover that will suit your requirements for your car insurance.

We will be looking at car insurance brokers in closer detail in the coming months, so be sure to check back to see all the latest news and reviews.