Hippo Car Insurance

One of the most popular car insurance websites in South Africa is surely Hippo and they offer a very comprehensive car insurance comparison that include 17 insurance companies that offer you quotes in terms of your specifications entered on the website. Hippo is currently one the biggest car insurance companies in South Africa and they currently do allot of advertising that include on television as well as radio and printed adverts and their name is well known under consumers and we know of allot of people that do use them to get car insurance quotes from them.

They have a very user friendly websites and with their form on the website, you only need to complete round about 10 fields in order for you to get the quotes from the 17 companies. These companies are all listed on the website and you can view their logos by scrolling down on the car insurance page and browsing through the various company logos.

Hippo was started a few ago and we remember back then, that the concept was quite new to South Africa and since then the idea of having one website to get car insurance quotes from various companies has been well accepted by South Africans and people seem to love the concept and that is why they are doing so well.

We can surely recommend Hippo car insurance to anyone looking to find car insurance quotes online and with their user friendly website and ease of use, anyone can apply online by selecting a few options and entering some basic information in order to get the online quotes for their car.

Hippo Car Insurance are constantly running new campaigns and we will monitor them very closely and let you know as soon as we do see any developments from them and list this on our website. We aim to provide people with the latest news in order for them to get the best deal out there and we invite all our loyal users to back weekly to see the latest reviews on our website.

Please feel free to contact us if you do want any specific reviews that are not listed on our website currently and we will surely look into your recommendations.


Miway Car Insurance

Miway is one of the newest insurance companies to come into the South Africa market, but they have certainly made a huge impression under consumers. They currently offer a variety of insurance products and we are only going to be looking at the car insurance offer in greater detail and will be examining the other products at a later stage.

One of the first things you notice once you visit the website is that Miway Car Insurance offer cash rewards after just 3 months. This is obviously a great feature to offer and we can only recommend that anyone looking to sign up with them, to carefully read through their terms and conditions in terms of the cash rewards they offer.

The car insurance offers they have vary from comprehensive to third party and theft cover and you can read through the finer details on their website. This remains purely your choice and there will be a price difference, so weigh up your options to determine what will suit your pocket as well as your car insurance needs.

Their website is very user friendly and they have their call centre number clearly stated on the website, so anyone can give them a call for a quote or you can complete the online form to get that quote delivered online.

One the best features they offer is that you are able to lodge a claim online and this just makes it easier for the clients to get in touch and with more innovation ways companies come up with, the more the clients will appreciate these efforts and continue to support the company.

They are constantly running adverts on television as well radio and in the printed media and we will continue to monitor the offers and keep you posted on developments from Miway car insurance. They are truly one of favorite companies in South Africa and with their targeted adverts we will continue to keep our eye on them and bring you all the latest news and reviews.

Be sure to be on the lookout for other reviews that we will be doing on the other insurance products they offer, so that we can bring you not only the best car insurance offers but also other fields of interest.


Outsurance Car Insurance

Outsurance is definitely one the well-known insurance companies in South Africa and with their slogan that states that you deserve the best, clearly states that they truly offer great service and strive to provide the best service and quotes that they can.With their very user friendly website, they offer user the opportunity to complete the quote form within minutes to get the car insurance quote from them.

They offer comprehensive insurance as well as other optional insurance products that give people the opportunity to insure other options like sound equipment, accessories etc. You can read more about this, by visiting their website to get more detail on this.

One of the best features that Outsurance car insurance offers is the cash out bonus and this is very appealing concept and people seem to love this the idea of not claiming for a certain amount of time, will enable them to get a cash back bonus in the pocket. Our best advice is to read through the website in detail to determine how this works and what is the amount of time they require to be claim free in order to qualify for the cash out bonus.

Outsurance have been around for a good number of years and they are surely one of the biggest and well known car insurance companies out there and for anyone looking for a quote, be sure to visit them online or give them call to find out what premium they offer in terms of your car specification, age, accident record as well as other factors.

We are constantly being updated on the latest offers, so we will list them on the website as soon as we receive them to make sure that you are well aware of the latest offering from Outsurance in terms of their car insurance.

They have their call centre number clearly listed the website and you are able to visit them online and complete the quote form in a couple of minutes to get the car insurance premium from them. The ease of use of their website has really impressed us and you will find allot information on the website as well as all the contact details you need to get your quote.


Budget Car Insurance

Budget insurance has been around for good number of years and they have captured the market with their very clever slogan that includes low low premiums. People automatically tie them in with low premiums and they are truly one of the best car insurance companies in South Africa.

Budget offers a variety of insurance products and we are going to be looking at car insurance in particular and we will be reviewing their other products in the near future, so be sure to be on the lookout for that in the coming months.

First of all we are going to be looking at their website and what great features they offer that standout for users when visiting their website. First of all their contact number is clearly visible throughout the website and this gives people the peace of mind that they can contact them at any stage to find out more or lodge a claim.

Budget Car Insurance also have a call me back form on their website, which users can complete and one of their call centre agents will then return the call to the user to assist with the car insurance quote or to give any additional information the user might require. They also offer the option for users to get an online quote for their car insurance on their website and with more and more companies offering this service, it is crucial for any insurance company to have this feature, since users want an instant solution to get the quote price from the company.

Gone are the years where you had to wait for days to get feedback regarding your car insurance and with more and more companies offering theses instant solutions, people are starting to finally get the quickest service from the car insurance companies possible. The type of insurance cover Budget offers vary from comprehensive to third party cover and we can only recommend that you do read in finer detail more about this on their website, to see what will be covered in case of an accident or car theft.

We can highly recommend Budget insurance to anyone looking for a car insurance quote and be sure to check back soon to find more insurance reviews on their other products in the market.


Car Insurance Companies

When looking at car insurance companies in South Africa, you do need to look at all the various types of companies currently operating within our borders and what products they offer.First of all we are going to be looking at a few of the newer companies in South Africa and the first one that comes to mind id King Price.

They are very new to the market and have seen them compete very hard for a market share and mange to find a nice chunk through their innovative policy that states your car insurance decreased every month as your car’s value decrease. Be sure to read more about them on our website.

Then we have certain companies that only focus on specific language groups, for example Virseker versekering and they only cater for the Afrikaans market.

Other insurance companies like First for women car insurance focus purely on women again as the main target base and currently we have an array of companies that do offer this service and our best advice is to read through he reviews on our website, to determine exactly what company will suit your needs and will be able to assist you with your car insurance.

Herewith a list of the best car insurance companies in South Africa, that we feel offer the best service and products in the market to date.