Hippo Car Insurance

One of the most popular car insurance websites in South Africa is surely Hippo and they offer a very comprehensive car insurance comparison that include 17 insurance companies that offer you quotes in terms of your specifications entered on the website. Hippo is currently one the biggest car insurance companies in South Africa and they currently do allot of advertising that include on television as well as radio and printed adverts and their name is well known under consumers and we know of allot of people that do use them to get car insurance quotes from them.

They have a very user friendly websites and with their form on the website, you only need to complete round about 10 fields in order for you to get the quotes from the 17 companies. These companies are all listed on the website and you can view their logos by scrolling down on the car insurance page and browsing through the various company logos.

Hippo was started a few ago and we remember back then, that the concept was quite new to South Africa and since then the idea of having one website to get car insurance quotes from various companies has been well accepted by South Africans and people seem to love the concept and that is why they are doing so well.

We can surely recommend Hippo car insurance to anyone looking to find car insurance quotes online and with their user friendly website and ease of use, anyone can apply online by selecting a few options and entering some basic information in order to get the online quotes for their car.

Hippo Car Insurance are constantly running new campaigns and we will monitor them very closely and let you know as soon as we do see any developments from them and list this on our website. We aim to provide people with the latest news in order for them to get the best deal out there and we invite all our loyal users to back weekly to see the latest reviews on our website.

Please feel free to contact us if you do want any specific reviews that are not listed on our website currently and we will surely look into your recommendations.