King Price Car Insurance

Today we are going to be looking at King Price in closer detail as well as their car insurance products they offer for consumers in South Africa. King Price is probably one of the newest companies in the industry and we have seen many adverts from them in the printed media as well adverts on television and radio.

They have certainly made impact and more and more people are sitting up and taking notice of them and we have been receiving more inquiries related to what they exactly offer, so we decided to give our readers an outline of their car insurance options.

King Price car insurance has got a few very innovative insurance options and one feature that we particularly like about them is that they state that your monthly premiums on comprehensive cover will decrease automatically every month, due to your car’s value decreasing monthly.

This is a very unique feature and people seem to love the idea, since it will save them money in the long run and it makes complete sense that as your car’s value decrease, so should your monthly premium on your car insurance. We urge anyone who wants to explore this in greater detail to look at this in more detail on their website or give them a call to discuss the options available to you.

They offer various insurance options that include comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft and these options remain open to want you require and will vary in price as well. They have a very user friendly website and you can easily contact them via their website or through their call centre.

We are truly very impressed with King Price insurance and will continue to follow them in the coming months and will keep you updated on any promotions or developments from them, so that you stay ahead of the pack and make sure that you get the best car insurance deal out there.