Miway Car Insurance

Miway is one of the newest insurance companies to come into the South Africa market, but they have certainly made a huge impression under consumers. They currently offer a variety of insurance products and we are only going to be looking at the car insurance offer in greater detail and will be examining the other products at a later stage.

One of the first things you notice once you visit the website is that Miway Car Insurance offer cash rewards after just 3 months. This is obviously a great feature to offer and we can only recommend that anyone looking to sign up with them, to carefully read through their terms and conditions in terms of the cash rewards they offer.

The car insurance offers they have vary from comprehensive to third party and theft cover and you can read through the finer details on their website. This remains purely your choice and there will be a price difference, so weigh up your options to determine what will suit your pocket as well as your car insurance needs.

Their website is very user friendly and they have their call centre number clearly stated on the website, so anyone can give them a call for a quote or you can complete the online form to get that quote delivered online.

One the best features they offer is that you are able to lodge a claim online and this just makes it easier for the clients to get in touch and with more innovation ways companies come up with, the more the clients will appreciate these efforts and continue to support the company.

They are constantly running adverts on television as well radio and in the printed media and we will continue to monitor the offers and keep you posted on developments from Miway car insurance. They are truly one of favorite companies in South Africa and with their targeted adverts we will continue to keep our eye on them and bring you all the latest news and reviews.

Be sure to be on the lookout for other reviews that we will be doing on the other insurance products they offer, so that we can bring you not only the best car insurance offers but also other fields of interest.