Momentum Car Insurance

Momentum has been around for a number of years and continue to grow in the car insurance, since they do offer great service and insurance products for people looking at car insurance for their vehicle.

They have a variety of insurance products that vary from comprehensive cover to limited cover and all the finer details of each are clearly stipulated on their website for customers to view. They have a very transparent approach to the insurance products and offer user all the information on their website and combined with the contact details and instant quote facility, people can contact them very easily or apply online.

They have a few great features and these include that with your car insurance you do not need to nominate drivers and you get 24 hour roadside assistance included with your car insurance cover. Another great feature is that Momentum car insurance state the car is insured at retail level, with the option to insure your car at market value. They also have guaranteed premiums for twelve months.

In terms of their transparency on the website, they also offer the option for user to lodge a complaint with them and have a mobile application to make things easier for users to get in touch with them.

Momentum has got a variety of insurance products that include life insurance as well as an array of other options and we will be looking at these option in the near future, so be sure to check back regularly to this page for all the latest reviews.

If you do feel that you do not want to handle your car insurance yourself, you can also use an insurance broker to contact them on your behalf to get the best quote possible for your car. With their excellent customer service and car insurance products, we are bound to see them grow and we will keep a close eye on them in the coming years and continue to give you an independent overview of the car insurance offers and products.

Their website is also located on a secure sever, so you know that your details will be safe when entered through their online quote form and all these small features, makes Momentum one the best insurance companies in South Africa to date.