Regent Car Insurance

One of the companies we are going to be looking at closer in the coming weeks is Regent Insurance and they offer a variety of insurance products to consumers in South Africa. We are going to be looking at this in closer detail and more specifically their car insurance options and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

Regent car insurance is only one of their insurance products and they only list their national call centre number on their website, if people do want to contact them to find out more.

Regent has been around more a good number of years and with more than 10 million vehicles currently on South Africa’s roads, there is definitely a need for car insurance options in South Africa and they proudly offer this to consumers as well.

Our best advice if you do want to find out more about their car insurance options is to contact them directly and discuss your needs and requirements and they will do their best to assist you. Some other features that cater for include paint cover for your vehicle as well as regent vehicle value protection and with these unique features; we can only recommend that you contact them to discuss this in greater detail. Some of the other feature that they mention on the website is that of cover for your deposit and with all these add-on features, they are truly one of the car insurance companies to consider when shopping around for the best deal out there.

To lodge a claim for your car is also very clearly laid out on their website and the process and procedures will enable you to complete the process or contact them for assistance.

They constaly have promotions and competitions that they run and we can only urge anyone whose looking at regent car insurance to visit their website regularly and you might find some great promotions on their website.

Regent is one of our companies that we are going to follow and review in more detail, so check back soon since we will be looking at the commercial vehicle insurance as well as the other insurance products they offer.