The question of how many people drive without car insurance in South Africa have been posted quite a few times to us and today we are going to be delving deeper into this question.

The shocking fact is that around 65% of car owners in South Africa do not have car insurance and this is something that had many people sitting up straight in their chairs.

It seems that most people driving cars in South Africa are not insured and this is something that definitely needs to be looked at. The fact of the matter is that most people that do not have car insurance think it’s either to expensive monthly or that they do not really need it.

For anyone still deciding on whether to sign up for car insurance or not, this will hopefully make it clearer for you that it is crucial to have car insurance, to give you that peace of mind when driving on the road.

Car insurance not only gives you that peace of mind when driving on the road, but also if you do park and leave your car because if your car gets stolen, you know you can contact your car insurance company and sort out the matter. Car insurance companies have various types of policies available and this gives anyone the opportunity to afford car insurance, so we can only recommend that you do contact a few insurance and get quotes from them to see what this would actually cost you monthly.

The more companies that enter the market, the better deals will become available from these insurance companies and this will again filter down to the consumer in getting great deals on their car insurance.

Our best advice is to keep an eye out for all the latest deals and to make sure that you sign up with the best company that offer the best deal for you and give the most coverage on your car insurance.