The concept of getting a quote online is relatively new to South Africa and although the younger generation seem to adapt and use if very efficiently, the older generation still seem reluctant to use the online quote forms.

Most insurance companies in South Africa these days offer great advanced websites that enable anyone to get a quote online and in some cases quotes from various companies on 1 website. This is great feature and saves people allot of times and this trend will only continue to grow and evolve as time goes by.

Older users seem to prefer to rather contact the insurance company the old fashioned way and would rather phone or go and see them personally. They most of times also use brokers to rather assist them with car insurance quotes and the feedback we have received it that they feel much more comfortable and safer going that route.

Basically it doesn’t matter which method you prefer and using a website to get an online quote is definitely the fastest and most user friendly way of doing things. There are quite a few websites that offer this service, while other just mention their telephone numbers and inquiry forms on their website and we are going to review all these companies in due time, so do come back weekly to visit our website.

Online quotes basically gives people the chance to enter their personal information, combined with a few static questions about your vehicle and this then enables them to determine and calcite the premium the user will have to pay monthly to receive either comprehensive or a lesser type of policy.

We salute all the insurance companies that do offer this service and as technology continue to grow, more advanced features will start to evolve and we have already seem application offering the latest options available to users. We will continue to monitor and keep you updated on all the latest technical advances in this field.

This is very existing time to be online and we can’t wait to see what new features they will come up with in the coming years.