This question has been asked quite a few times over the last couple of months by our readers and today we are going to be weighing up the pros and cons regarding car insurance.The first point we need to look at is to consider the fact that if you do own a car and do not have car insurance, you will have pay a lump sum if something do happens.

In case your car gets stolen and they cannot recover the car, you very well might have to continue paying your monthly installment if your car is not paid off as yet and you still owe an amount on the car.

If you do have car insurance, your insurance will cover theft, if you took out a policy that does cover your car in case theft does take place.

Another scenario we need to look at is if you do get into an accident and do not have car insurance. The fact of the matter is that is this does happen, then you would have to pay for the damages to the car, depending on a few factors like if the other party has got insurance or not and depending on whose fault it was that caused the accident.

The fact of the matter is that if you do have car insurance, you can feel save that if a scenario like this does happen and all the requirements were met according to the insurance terms and conditions, they will pay out an amount for the damages. This is subject to their approval and it is best to make sure with your insurance company on what is required if something like this does happen.

The bottom line is that car insurance gives you the peace of mind that are covered if anything happens and although there are factors that can influence the pay-out, you are in a far better position to get your money back on the vehicle than if you weren’t insured. Our advice to all our loyal readers is that it’s better to be safe than sorry and rather get car insurance than risk driving around without being insured.

Bottom line is that you do need to shop around to find the best affordable deal out there that will cover you in case of an accident or theft and also look at third party insurance when looking at all the types on car insurance policies on the table.