Do I Need Car Insurance?

This question has been asked quite a few times over the last couple of months by our readers and today we are going to be weighing up the pros and cons regarding car insurance.The first point we need to look at is to consider the fact that if you do own a car and do not have car insurance, you will have pay a lump sum if something do happens.

In case your car gets stolen and they cannot recover the car, you very well might have to continue paying your monthly installment if your car is not paid off as yet and you still owe an amount on the car.

If you do have car insurance, your insurance will cover theft, if you took out a policy that does cover your car in case theft does take place.

Another scenario we need to look at is if you do get into an accident and do not have car insurance. The fact of the matter is that is this does happen, then you would have to pay for the damages to the car, depending on a few factors like if the other party has got insurance or not and depending on whose fault it was that caused the accident.

The fact of the matter is that if you do have car insurance, you can feel save that if a scenario like this does happen and all the requirements were met according to the insurance terms and conditions, they will pay out an amount for the damages. This is subject to their approval and it is best to make sure with your insurance company on what is required if something like this does happen.

The bottom line is that car insurance gives you the peace of mind that are covered if anything happens and although there are factors that can influence the pay-out, you are in a far better position to get your money back on the vehicle than if you weren’t insured. Our advice to all our loyal readers is that it’s better to be safe than sorry and rather get car insurance than risk driving around without being insured.

Bottom line is that you do need to shop around to find the best affordable deal out there that will cover you in case of an accident or theft and also look at third party insurance when looking at all the types on car insurance policies on the table.


King Price Car Insurance

Today we are going to be looking at King Price in closer detail as well as their car insurance products they offer for consumers in South Africa. King Price is probably one of the newest companies in the industry and we have seen many adverts from them in the printed media as well adverts on television and radio.

They have certainly made impact and more and more people are sitting up and taking notice of them and we have been receiving more inquiries related to what they exactly offer, so we decided to give our readers an outline of their car insurance options.

King Price car insurance has got a few very innovative insurance options and one feature that we particularly like about them is that they state that your monthly premiums on comprehensive cover will decrease automatically every month, due to your car’s value decreasing monthly.

This is a very unique feature and people seem to love the idea, since it will save them money in the long run and it makes complete sense that as your car’s value decrease, so should your monthly premium on your car insurance. We urge anyone who wants to explore this in greater detail to look at this in more detail on their website or give them a call to discuss the options available to you.

They offer various insurance options that include comprehensive cover, third party, fire and theft and these options remain open to want you require and will vary in price as well. They have a very user friendly website and you can easily contact them via their website or through their call centre.

We are truly very impressed with King Price insurance and will continue to follow them in the coming months and will keep you updated on any promotions or developments from them, so that you stay ahead of the pack and make sure that you get the best car insurance deal out there.


Get Quotes Online

The concept of getting a quote online is relatively new to South Africa and although the younger generation seem to adapt and use if very efficiently, the older generation still seem reluctant to use the online quote forms.

Most insurance companies in South Africa these days offer great advanced websites that enable anyone to get a quote online and in some cases quotes from various companies on 1 website. This is great feature and saves people allot of times and this trend will only continue to grow and evolve as time goes by.

Older users seem to prefer to rather contact the insurance company the old fashioned way and would rather phone or go and see them personally. They most of times also use brokers to rather assist them with car insurance quotes and the feedback we have received it that they feel much more comfortable and safer going that route.

Basically it doesn’t matter which method you prefer and using a website to get an online quote is definitely the fastest and most user friendly way of doing things. There are quite a few websites that offer this service, while other just mention their telephone numbers and inquiry forms on their website and we are going to review all these companies in due time, so do come back weekly to visit our website.

Online quotes basically gives people the chance to enter their personal information, combined with a few static questions about your vehicle and this then enables them to determine and calcite the premium the user will have to pay monthly to receive either comprehensive or a lesser type of policy.

We salute all the insurance companies that do offer this service and as technology continue to grow, more advanced features will start to evolve and we have already seem application offering the latest options available to users. We will continue to monitor and keep you updated on all the latest technical advances in this field.

This is very existing time to be online and we can’t wait to see what new features they will come up with in the coming years.


Driving without Car Insurance?

The question of how many people drive without car insurance in South Africa have been posted quite a few times to us and today we are going to be delving deeper into this question.

The shocking fact is that around 65% of car owners in South Africa do not have car insurance and this is something that had many people sitting up straight in their chairs.

It seems that most people driving cars in South Africa are not insured and this is something that definitely needs to be looked at. The fact of the matter is that most people that do not have car insurance think it’s either to expensive monthly or that they do not really need it.

For anyone still deciding on whether to sign up for car insurance or not, this will hopefully make it clearer for you that it is crucial to have car insurance, to give you that peace of mind when driving on the road.

Car insurance not only gives you that peace of mind when driving on the road, but also if you do park and leave your car because if your car gets stolen, you know you can contact your car insurance company and sort out the matter. Car insurance companies have various types of policies available and this gives anyone the opportunity to afford car insurance, so we can only recommend that you do contact a few insurance and get quotes from them to see what this would actually cost you monthly.

The more companies that enter the market, the better deals will become available from these insurance companies and this will again filter down to the consumer in getting great deals on their car insurance.

Our best advice is to keep an eye out for all the latest deals and to make sure that you sign up with the best company that offer the best deal for you and give the most coverage on your car insurance.


Car Insurance Brokers

Over the years we have requested car insurance quotes ourselves from various insurance companies and also used brokers to conduct the process for us and today we are going to be sharing with you what we discovered and what process we believe to the best option to get the best car insurance deal.

We have tried both options and with the current standings in South Africa, we do various car insurance options available to us. First of all we can use brokers to request car insurance quotes for us, but then they only request from certain companies, since other companies do not allow brokers to use their services, since they cut out the middleman to keep their prices as low as possible.

This basically leaves you with 2 options. The first being to make use of car insurance brokers to request and manage your car insurance for you, thus giving you the peace of mind that if anything happens, you can just call them to handle the claim process on your behalf. Some people do prefer this service and the monthly fee do not really matter to them.

The second option is more for the consumer who prefer to handle car insurance themselves and basically try and save as much money as possible. These consumers generally do request quotes themselves and handle the claim process as well as well and generally make use more of insurance companies that only work with consumers’ directly and not insurance brokers.

It doesn’t really matter what option you prefer and both options have pros and cons and it all depends on what your preferences are in terms of car insurance.

Brokers offer great service and get you the best possible quotes from the companies they work with, while working directly with other insurance companies can help you save on your monthly instalment. This is not always the case and we recommend that you do try both options, to see what the various companies offer in terms of insurance cover that will suit your requirements for your car insurance.

We will be looking at car insurance brokers in closer detail in the coming months, so be sure to check back to see all the latest news and reviews.